Ramadan 2019

⭐ Ramadhan Mubarak 2019 ⭐
Cumberland Road Masjid

Alhamdulillah Ramadhan will
begin tonight 5th May 2019 so tonight will be Taraweeh Salah Insha’Allah.

➡ Esha Jamaat tonight will be at 10.10 pm with Taraweeh following.

Alhumdulillaah this year we have three local Qari’s leading us

Ahmed As-Somali
Abdul Haqq Al-Jaza’iri
Ibrahim Al-Gambi

Sisters Facilities
Please enter via Door A.
Sisters will pray on the 1st floor and have toilet/ wudhu facilities on the 2nd floor.
All brothers will enter via Door C and pray on the ground floor in the main hall and also the basement.

Iftaar Arrangements
Everyday there will be a community Iftar after Maghrib – everyone welcome including sisters and children.
If you want to organise an Iftar please contact Qari Usman on 07523977721.

Car Parking
Please try to come walking when possible otherwise the Church car park is available for parking only after 8.30 pm. Please do not block any other cars.

Children & Youth
Children and Youth are more then welcome to attend but please keep them with you at all times to avoid them disturbing the Congregation.

✅ If you want to make any financial contribution towards Iftar food arrangements or donate toward the extension project then please contact us on 01189012404 / 07850373048.

Pick up a CRM Ramadhan 2019 Timetable tonight Insha’Allah.

Jazakhumullahu Khairan

Management Team
Cumberland Road Masjid
31 Cumberland Road

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